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Written by Portal Almunecar DB   
Wednesday, 30 July 2014 19:19

The well-known german-spanish owner of the bar/restaurant with name "Micky" in Almuñécar was found dead after 3 days in his leased restaurant. Many know him about he had before the "Bar el Micky" en de plaza calibre. Then he has sell the bar and has open the other bar, where he died in the night from friday to saturday. They found him in his bar at tuesday. 

The Ideal.es called the wrong name of the restaurant "No Name" and also a wrong street address and Costa digital displays an image on the bar, with Guardia Civil and diverse peoples.

The owner MA, 51 years old, should have great economic problems, as Costa digital has written. About this problems the restaurant shull been closed to the 31th july 2014. Just as we have heard, and as the press has written, a suicide, for these reasons, not impossible!

It was also written that this person lived with his mother and family in Almuñécar. The family has gastronomic establishments from the 70's!

His family and neared ones, we hereby express our condolences

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For weeks: nocturnal disturbance by groups of young people of the Catholic church "Iglesia de Santa Maria del Mar" (Velilla / Almuñécar) PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 27 July 2014 07:39

Letter of the editor of AM (the full acquisition of the editorial is known):

Certainly, residents around the church "Iglesia de Santa Maria del Mar" (Almuñécar Velilla) do not mind that there youngsters spend a short break, the organizers would also ensure that this would behave and generally comply with the statutory rest periods! Then maybe you can even accept an overdraft of these legal rules! But unfortunately, repeat these nightly disturbances for weeks!

Also in past years, there have been disturbances, so that some local residents, as I have heard, have called the police. Happens, however, is not much, for letting the young people, organize or in front of the church, with the windows and doors, racket-row!

Thus, the evenings begin peacefully, even with "chatter" and "hihihihi". Then in the later stages, Firework, sounding like loud explosions are fired! Our dog hides itself at 22:00 clock under my desk when he hears young people from the church, only because he is afraid that this might abfeurn late evening or at night, firecrackers again. Then later, catch the Young people to pop to scream louder than when pigs are slaughtered! And in the middle of the night then, the sound of the neighborhood, with loud music, loud clapping and shouting, louder in Almuñécar as before any public Discotheque (Disco-Pub)!

Done since there are different groups of between 1 and 2 weeks each in the church "Iglesia de Santa Maria del Mar" in Velilla (Camino de Velilla, Almunecar) live, we wonder, of course, how can it be the case that all of these groups over rockets have? If these specially issued by the organizers to intentionally harass the neighborhood and their animals here? The music probably comes from a solid stereo system of the church and has really a lot of power, a discotheque license does not seem to have the church yes? It seems the organizers to be completely irrelevant that the neighborhood is unnecessarily disturbed, otherwise you would forbid that send young people on the beach to celebrate there, or switch off the power to prevent that!

Thus, as described herein, were adjacent residents, disturbed last night 27 July 2014, until around 4:30 clock in their nightly rest and many could not sleep! This is a state that is unacceptable!

End letter of the editor of AM

Residents who feel also affected, we ask you to write to the following email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (please also specify whether you comment, without naming your person, may be published)

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